Meet Our Founders

Legacy Turf Group


Bill began his career in the turf business during high school, working at the Peach Valley Golf Course in South Carolina for the MacIntosh Family. During this time, Bill developed a love for the business and ended up pursuing degrees in Ornamental Horticulture and Business Management. Bill became a Certified Golf Course Superintendent and served at North Palm Beach Country Club and Mariner Sands Country Club. In 1997, Bill went on to work with Jim Sartain and David Cheesman until 2015, when he and his partners created the Legacy Turf group to better serve the turf industry. Bill has consulted on properties in Florida, the Caribbean and Central America. A member of the GCSAA for 35 years, Bill has served on the Boards of TCGCSA and FTGA over the course of his career. Bill and his wife Nicole, whom he met while working at Mariner Sands, have 2 children, Megan and Will.

Legacy Turf Group


Alex, who is originally from Rosario, Argentina, began his turf career in 1982 while working at the President Country Club in West Palm Beach, Florida. His motivation, determination, and dedication to learning how to maintain high-quality turf resulted in him becoming the Golf Course Superintendent at the 36-hole facility where he began his turf career. The experience he gained during his fourteen years at the President Golf Club would aid him in his transition into a Consultative Sales Representative role. Since 1996, Alex has represented and worked for leading companies in the turf industry in Florida, including Golf Ventures, the Toro Company, Liquid Ag and Golf Agronomic. In 2005, Alex began offering his expertise to the equestrian community in the Wellington area. In 2015, Alex and his partners created Legacy Turf Group, and in addition to the golf industry, Alex has been working with some of the top polo fields jumper equestrian and horse racing facilities in the country. Alex is also a member of the GCSAA, PBGCSA, SFGCSA, and FTGA.

Legacy Turf Group


Karl began his career in the golf industry, working part-time in high school and college. After receiving his degree in Business Administration, he built his career in the golf industry. Over the last 40 years, Karl has worked in both the private and public golf course sectors. He spent time in municipal operations with golf course development, as well as recovering weekends and holidays as a territory representative. In 2015, Legacy Turf Group was formed. Karl has been a member of the GCSAA for 30 years and has served on the Board of the PBGSA along with his FTGA and SFGCSA memberships. Our philosophy is a consulting sales approach centered on helping fellow golf course superintendents be successful and reach their goals.